Our materials transform lithium-ion batteries and the products they power.

Engineered to empower the work you do.

Product Manufacturers

Energy density unlocks the potential of your products—transformative batteries offer the power and flexibility to drive tomorrow’s innovation.

Battery Cell Manufacturers

Supply your customers with next-gen batteries that will help them make category-defining products. Our advanced silicon anode drops straight in to replace graphite without changing the process or equipment you already have, enabling you to improve factory output.

Unlock the potential of your mobile devices.

Big batteries get smaller.

Reduce your battery footprint and get the same or better performance.

Small batteries get more powerful.

Add more energy to already tight spaces.

All batteries charge quickly.

Our materials enable and are compatible with fast charge technology.

Cost-efficient and capable of revolutionizing electric vehicles.

Longer range energy.

Pack more miles into the same battery footprint.

Fast charging performance.

Our materials keep EV charge times efficient.

Lower cost batteries.

Reduce your system spending and drive down the cost per kWh.

Materials that drop in and scale with your factory.

Choose your drop-in solution.

Partial graphite replacement gets batteries to market fastest, while full graphite replacement yields maximum energy density gains.

Keep your process as-is.

Our materials are a true drop-in solution—you can keep the same equipment, same lines, same mixtures, and electrolytes.

Boost your factory output.

With one material substitution and no added equipment, you can transform your current facilities into next-generation battery factories.

Powering innovation today.

The WHOOP 4.0 is powered with Sila science—a smaller, more powerful battery that unlocked next-gen features and a new apparel-ready form factor.

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Nearly a 20%

increase in energy density


smaller device size


battery life

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