The U.S. revitalized bioscience during COVID - now it must do the same for energy

By Sila

I firmly believe that American-made energy innovations are the key to avoiding the most extreme climate-change scenarios —and to reducing our dependence on off-shore manufacturing.

The world is running out of time to make the transition from a fossil-fuel economy to one based on clean energy. Changing the energy sources that power humanity is, of course, no small undertaking. It depends, in large part, on creating innovative new energy technologies and then scaling those to meet the demands of nearly 9 billion people. From rural electrification to the national highway system to the Marshall Plan to aid Europe, the U.S. has shown time and again that it can rise to meet the most monumental of challenges. To avert planetary crisis, we must now focus our nation’s attention on the rapid innovation and scaling of new clean-energy technologies. Our work to improve the energy density of batteries can dramatically accelerate this transition to clean energy sources.

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