Excellence is 
our standard.

Excellence is
our standard.

We’re dedicated to ensuring quality from our raw materials to our final product. And we hold ourselves and our partners to a high standard to achieve it.

Our quality policy and EH&S commitment.

Quality policy.

At Sila, quality is a process and a leadership principle that powers us to deliver the world’s highest performance battery materials to our customers, so that they can deliver the world’s most innovative products to theirs.

Environment, Health and Safety.

At Sila, we operate in a safe, healthful, and environmentally responsible manner to protect our colleagues, customers, and communities. Through focus, simplicity, and learning, we commit to embedding health and safety into our business and managing our environmental footprint as we strive to power the world’s transition to clean energy.

Supplier purchase order terms.

Standard purchase order terms

These Standard PO Ts&Cs apply to purchases of many types of tangible items and certain ancillary services described in an invoice, proposal, quote, drawing, or other instrument, to which the PO Ts&Cs are attached or to which reference is made to the PO.

Our PO Ts&Cs above are subject to change and all suppliers are responsible for ensuring they have the current version.

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