From idea 
to impact.

From idea
to impact.

A white paper commissioned by the
Bipartisan Policy Center outlines the
path for cleantech commercialization.

today's batteries.

today's batteries.

Tune into our CEO Gene Berdichevsky on
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Sila partners with 
Panasonic Energy.

Sila partners with
Panasonic Energy.

Panasonic selects Titan SiliconTM to help power unmatched EV performance.

Go farther. 
Charge faster.

Go farther.
Charge faster.

Solutions to power the auto industry.

The best performing commercial anode.

Graphite anodes for lithium-ion batteries reached their energy limit years ago. The future is silicon. Sila is the first to deliver a market-proven nano-composite silicon anode that powers breakthrough energy density, without compromising cycle life or safety. Titan Silicon™ has arrived.

Titan silicon

We power the batteries
that transform industries.

Proven in the market.
Revolutionary in products.

Our nano-composite silicon anode is market-tested, delivering enhanced performance that unlocks product innovation for our customers today.

Mercedez benz quote
“Delivering such a high energy density is a true game changer and allows us to think in completely new directions when developing future electric cars.”
Markus Schäfer
Mercedes-Benz Chief Technology Officer
Whoop quote
“One of the greatest barriers to advancing the design of wearable technologies has been the weight and size of the battery available. With Sila, all that has changed.”
John Capodilupo
WHOOP Co-Founder

for demand and impact.

The demand for high-performance battery material is great. The environmental need is even greater. Every day we’re focused on producing high-quality materials at a scale big enough to impact both.

2 facilities Research and manufacturing in California and Washington state
150 GWh Capacity of up to 150 GWh in the next five years
“Our goal isn’t to just make a product — it’s to make a difference. And scale is a critical part to powering the clean energy future that we all need.”
Gene Berdichevsky
Co-Founder and CEO

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