The future of energy, 
manufactured today.

The future of energy,
manufactured today.

Our electric future will be powered by science at scale. We spent 10 years perfecting our science. Now, we’re scaling it to power the world.

Our production consists of multiple production lines, in-house quality control, and ongoing R&D. We hold ourselves to a high standard of operational excellence and manufacture battery materials to meet the quality and volume demands for consumer devices, while ramping to power electric vehicles by mid-decade.

Manufacturing team

Battery materials
built to scale efficiently
and sustainably.

Titan Silicon™ is engineered with the market in mind. Our inputs are easy on the supply chain. Our production is more sustainable for the environment. And our manufacturing is built efficiently from the ground up.

Made exclusively using affordable, globally-available commodity precursors.
Generates 50-70% less CO2 per kWh than graphite during production.
Engineered for efficient bulk manufacturing.

Quality is part
of our process.

From 4.0 manufacturing systems to process monitoring and reporting, every phase of our production is focused on reliably delivering high quality materials to our customers. We also hold our work and company to a standard of operational excellence and are ISO 9001:2015 certified with a world-class Environment, Health, Safety, and Security team.

Inspecting line

Scaling for impact
and industry.

2 facilities

in California and Washington state

Up to 150 GWh

expected annual capacity

U.S. based production

Scaling equipment

Our facilities

We have multiple lines of production for ongoing research and the manufacturing of our next-generation materials.
Explore our facilities:
Research and consumer manufacturing
3 R&D and commercial
For 10+ million devices
Auto and consumer manufacturing
Up to 150 GWh in the next 5 years
1 million cars

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