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Release your product design from the constraints of a big, underperforming lithium-ion battery. Titan Silicon™ delivers more energy in tight spaces to power innovative consumer electronics and your imagination.

Consumer electronics large
Glowing phone

Think bigger with a
smaller, more powerful
lithium-ion battery.

Bring more blue-sky thinking to your design with battery materials engineered to power what was once the impossible.

Be small, be mighty

Keep your device compact, light, and powerful. Titan Silicon delivers a 20% energy density boost to your battery performance, while also decreasing the battery weight by up to 15%.

Add that one more thing

Pull out your feature wishlist. Add enhanced capabilities like sensors, cameras, or biometric features with more energy and space to support your design ambitions.

Charge quickly, live long

Titan Silicon material enables fast charge and is compatible with other fast charge technologies. The increased energy also comes without compromising long cycle life.

Defy the ordinary

Break the battery barrier and redefine what your device can do, be, and look like. Go sleeker, go smaller, or go wild with form factor design.

Product layers

Do it all
on your terms.

You choose the battery format

Titan Silicon is a 100% drop-in solution and works with any battery shape or size. No restrictions on your cell design.

Use any cell maker

No matter which cell maker you’re working with, Titan Silicon integrates easily into their process.

Do a mix or go for the max

Opt for partial graphite replacement for faster speed to market or choose full replacement to make the biggest battery transformation.

Build faster with a partner
– from concept to launch.

Solutions optimized to your product

Titan Silicon comes complete with a baseline implementation guide that is optimized to meet your product requirements and performance goals.

Battery engineering team on your side

We deliver more than anode powder. Our dedicated battery engineering team can also provide guidance on performance enhancing cell design, optimizing desired cell specs, and troubleshoot issues if needed.

High quality material, at scale 

We’re scaling our innovation to power yours. Titan Silicon is manufactured in the U.S. at the highest quality to ensure safety and reliability. And we sync well with your supply chain.

Powering consumer
electronics partners today.

17% more energy density in a smaller battery
33% reduction in device size
5 day battery life
Reimagined design for technical apparel

WHOOP 4.0: Not your
average wearable

The WHOOP 4.0, an advanced 24/7 health and fitness tracker, is the first product to be powered with Sila. Our material enabled WHOOP 4.0 to unlock an array of features and a reimagined industrial design for smart apparel, which truly redefines what wearables can be.

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