The ultimate
power move.

Graphite anodes and conventional silicon additives will only take battery performance so far. Titan Silicon™ is a new class of nano-composite silicon anode — delivering next-level energy density and engineered for mass scale to power the world’s best lithium-ion batteries and enable today’s most innovative products.

Backed by a decade of research.
Leading the silicon anode revolution.

Silicon has long been an aspiration for anode material because of its ability to store 10X more charge than graphite. Sila was the first company to dramatically reduce swell and safely harness the powerful properties of silicon for commercial use in lithium-ion batteries with our nano-composite silicon.

10+ years

of research and development


material iterations conducted

200+ patents

granted and pending worldwide

Powering products

as both partial and full graphite replacements
The battery material difference.

The battery material difference.

There’s a lot to consider when making the transition to next-gen materials. Download an overview of anode technologies and find out how nano-composite silicon compares to other materials.

Big energy
without big tradeoffs.

20% more energy density. No compromises.

Titan Silicon delivers a 20% energy density boost over the industry’s best performing cells and will achieve a 40% increase in future releases. These gains are attainable without sacrificing cycle life or safety, by containing swell to levels comparable to graphite.

At end of life, a cell with full graphite replacement using Titan Silicon will swell by only 6%, similar to graphite cells.

At full graphite replacement, Titan Silicon delivers 20% volumetric energy density gain with >1100 cycles to 80% initial capacity, exceeding industry benchmarks for cycle life.

Engineered to work
for your business.

Drop-in solution

Our Titan Silicon anode is 100% compatible with cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cells to accommodate any OEM, any gigafactory, and any product design.

Full or partial replacement

Only Sila offers the choice of full or partial graphite replacement based on your performance goals and product roadmaps, and we’re powering products in the market today with both solutions.

Mass produced at the highest quality

Our solution is manufactured in the U.S. to automotive quality standards to ensure safety and reliability at scale. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified with IATF planning underway.

Syncs with your supply chain

Titan Silicon integrates into any cell assembly process and works with any partner materials you choose. No need to change your partners or operations.

Lowers your C02 footprint

Titan Silicon generates 50-70% less CO2 per kWh than graphite during production.

Strong patent protection

Our robust patent portfolio safeguards our nano-composite silicon and cell recipes used for deployment to protect our partners’ investments for the long-term.

Titan vials

Solutions optimized
for your industry.

Every industry is different. Our Titan Silicon solutions are optimized to answer the needs of product designers for automotive and consumer electronics, while also enabling cell makers to seamlessly adopt our material.

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