Sila’s technology.
Patented and protected.

Technology patents

Over a decade of research. Thousands of material iterations. Countless more concepts. Delivering breakthrough battery science is a test of expertise, rigor, and persistence. And that innovative output requires protection, not just for ourselves, but also for our partners. To that end, we have a robust patent strategy that protects our material and our solution deployment for the long-term.

200+ patents

More than 200 patents granted and pending worldwide, some with priority dates going back to over a decade.

Patent coverage
from anode to implementation.

We own the core intellectual property for our nano-composite silicon (NCS) and have numerous patents filed to protect other important materials and designs within the cell.

Patents timeline

First to invent

Sila invented the world’s first NCS anode to maximize lithium-ion energy density with low swell comparable to graphite. This is critical to the safe transition to next-generation battery technology.

Breadth of innovation

Sila’s patents protect NCS solutions and other important materials for deployment including electrolytes, foils, and slurry recipes for achieving the highest performance possible.

Depth of protection

Beyond protecting the breakthrough chemistry of NCS, Sila’s patents also cover processes related to solution deployment, and our proprietary scaling technologies and methodologies.

Our strong IP
protects our partners.

Avoid implementation disruption

Our patent protection helps to ensure that our partners and their timelines are focused on launch, not disrupted by litigation.

Protect your investment for the future

With our cycle of innovation and patent coverage, your protection extends as we continue to push performance with new materials.

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