Unlocking radical product innovation from the inside out

By Sila

Today’s mobile battery accounts for as much as half of the space and weight of the device. That’s significant, and is definitely a limiting factor to product design.

Sila science has reinvented the lithium-ion battery from the inside out using next-gen battery material. And the difference is massive, delivering 20% more energy density and a smaller battery footprint, without compromising performance.

But to truly appreciate the impact of the battery on the mobile industry’s future, we first must acknowledge the impact it had on its past.

From brick to breakthrough

The first mobile phone was invented in 1973. It was a brick. (Well, technically, the weight of half of a brick.) It was over 2 lbs, delivered just 30 minutes of talk-time and took 10 hours to recharge. And to add insult to injury, it cost nearly $4,000.

It wasn’t until the 90’s that mobile phones got smaller, more affordable and performed better. And this was no minor feat. It took better microchips, more efficient displays, more efficient radios. But above all, it took high-energy, light-weight power to make it all work. It took a better battery.

1991 was the birth of the market-ready lithium-ion battery—a smaller, lighter, and longer-lasting energy source than its predecessor. The lithium-ion battery unlocked a revolution in mobile product design, radically impacting everything from size and shape to performance and features. A better battery was paramount to creating the mobile industry of today. (The creators of the lithium-ion battery even won a Nobel Prize in 2019.)

Now, Sila has enhanced the battery that changed an industry. And the launch of Sila’s next-gen lithium-ion battery material provides mobile designers with yet another opportunity for sweeping product innovation. And that’s radical.

Next-gen battery materials enables what’s next

Going back to the size and performance of today’s mobile and wearable battery: think about your home.

Now imagine for a second that it took half of the rooms in your house to power the other half. Then one day, *poof* several rooms opened up. You’d finally be able to get your treadmill out of your living room and add that home theater. Or, if you’re a minimalist, you could get rid of the extra rooms all together and revel in the elegance of simplicity. Point is, it would radically shift the way you use and enjoy your home. The same goes for mobile and wearable product innovation.

Sila unlocks the opportunity for radical product innovation by alleviating the squeeze of a big, underperforming battery. And it gives product designers more runway as they ask, “what’s next?”

But even more powerful than what’s next, is what’s now—WHOOP 4.0 powered with Sila science.

Radical innovation in market: WHOOP 4.0

WHOOP is a personalized digital fitness and health coach that tracks key physiological metrics and provides detailed, actionable feedback to unlock human performance. The WHOOP 4.0 is also the first product in the world powered with Sila science.

And the differences between 3.0 and 4.0 are sweeping, boasting new powerful features that make it one of today’s most advanced 24/7 health and fitness wearables.

The highlights include:

  • 17% more energy density with a smaller battery
  • 33% reduction in device size
  • Five-day battery life, with an upgraded, waterproof battery pack for on-the-go charging
  • Upgraded sensor configuration for new features like pulse oxygen and skin temperature insights
  • Advanced algorithms for more accurate measurements
WHOOP 4.0 band

Even more impressive, Sila’s anode battery material facilitated a reimagined industrial design that seamlessly integrates with WHOOP® Body featuring Any-Wear™ Technology. WHOOP® Body is a revolutionary line of technical apparel that allows members to wear their WHOOP 4.0 across multiple areas of the body for continuous data collection.

This truly redefines what wearables can be.

WHOOP® Body featuring Any-Wear™ Technology

What’s next? Mobile, VR, handheld gaming, medical devices

Better cameras. Sleeker, more ergonomic body designs. More vibrant displays. Longer-lasting power. More accurate biometric sensors. Seamless 5G capabilities. Lighter headsets and handhelds. All of the above. There’s no end to what’s next when you remove the battery barrier.

Increased energy density with a smaller battery footprint leaves more room for new innovations and attention-grabbing features. The kind that creates real product differentiation that consumers geek out over. And it all begins with one elemental shift, a better lithium-ion battery. Powered with Sila science.

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