Sila Momentum Continues with its Moses Lake Plant On-Track for Construction Completion in Q1 2025


The company also signed new supply agreements with auto and consumer device manufacturers and is powering a device in-market today in which 100% of the graphite anode has been replaced with Titan Silicon.

ALAMEDA, CA, April 22, 2024 – Sila, a next-generation battery materials company, today reports on key manufacturing, commercial, and technical milestones that highlight momentum across the business. Six months since construction started, the build-out of Sila’s manufacturing plant in Moses Lake, Washington is on track to hit its target completion date in Q1 2025, reinforcing the company’s ability to deliver qualified materials for customers beginning in Q4 2025. Titan Silicon, the company’s flagship nano-composite silicon, is gaining commercial traction, enabling automakers to deliver longer range and faster-charging cars and consumer device manufacturers to design products to be smaller, and longer lasting. Additionally, Sila delivered the world’s first 100% graphite replacement anode in a popular consumer device that’s in the market today.

“At Sila, we strive to blend revolutionary materials innovation with robust production design and processes. This lets us deliver high-performance products that enable our customers to differentiate and win in the market," said Gene Berdichevsky, Sila Co-founder and CEO. “Science at scale has been our mantra since our start, and today, we’re executing across the company to ensure we meet customer performance expectations and delivery timelines.”

Customer Expansion & Product Innovation

Sila has publicly announced two supply agreements, committing to deliver Titan Silicon to automotive customers Mercedes-Benz and Panasonic, in Q4 2025. Additionally, the company has recently inked three more deals – two new automotive customer contracts as well as one consumer device contract.

Titan SiliconTM, was the first commercial next-generation anode technology to enter the market in 2021. Today, it delivers a 20% energy density increase over the industry’s best performing graphite cells, enabling automakers to deliver unmatched EV performance, dramatically increasing vehicle range and reducing charge times. Automotive customers are replacing up to 85% of the graphite anode with Titan Silicon. Separately, consumer electronics customers are replacing up to 100% of the graphite and field data confirms Titan Silicon is delivering over 20% longer run times between charges in real world use.

Moses Lake Progress

To produce Titan Silicon at automotive quality and scale, Sila has developed proprietary manufacturing technologies, and utilizes best-in-class manufacturing systems. The first of this newly designed facility equipment has arrived in Moses Lake.

Six months since construction has started, the team in Moses Lake reports on-track production progress, citing more than 85% of on-site prep is complete and underway with electrical and civil work inside the building. Additionally, 40% of the plant’s initial operating staff has been hired and is supporting ongoing design and commissioning work. Sila’s Moses Lake manufacturing plant will deliver enough capacity to serve the company’s multiple customers, and additional future expansions, will be able to produce enough material for up to a million cars per year. Sila expects to have up to 500 full-time employees at the plant within the next five years. Beyond its transformative impact on lithium-ion batteries and the automotive industry, the build-out of Sila’s Moses Lake plant will also help to drive U.S. leadership in domestic manufacturing and energy security.

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