Next-gen battery materials. Engineered for max performance and mass production.

The research, rigor, and chemistry innovation behind our breakthrough silicon anode material was born at Georgia Tech. And over the last decade, our diverse team of scientists and engineers has been dedicated to bringing next-gen energy storage to market.

Company Proof Points


years of chemistry innovation.


material iterations.


patents filed.

We give today’s lithium-ion batteries a future.

Lithium-ion batteries have reached their energy limit—a plateau defined by the chemistry of today’s graphite anodes. Our next-gen silicon material shatters that energy ceiling, improving energy density significantly without compromise. And it’s fully compatible with existing battery manufacturing processes and factories, making the path to progress immediate. For a deeper dive into this new standard of performance, access our white paper.

Energy Density (Wh/L) 1991 2001 2021 2011 2031 Limit of Today’s Li-ion Chemistry & Design With Sila 700 1050 1750 1400 0

Anode material solutions made for the market.

Improved energy density.

Boosts energy density by 20% today and 40% in the future.

Full or partial graphite replacement.

Enables you to choose what’s best for you

Drop-in solution.

Slots straight in to existing battery manufacturing processes.

Performance without compromise.

Accommodates swell to preserve cycle and calendar life, charge performance, and safety.

Built to scale from the beginning.

  • Made exclusively using affordable and globally available commodity precursors.
  • Engineered for bulk manufacturing using techniques that scale efficiently.
  • Automated, 24/7 production to meet demands.

Automated, 24/7

Current capacity
Alameda Plant

10+ million

small consumer devices



Future capacity
Moses Lake Plant

100+ thousand


500+ million


Future capacity
Plant 3

1+ million


Anodes are just
the beginning.

The battery revolution doesn’t end with a graphite anode replacement. Our work doesn’t either. Every day, we’re pushing energy storage further, bringing meaningful scientific innovations to market that will one day unlock the “Forever” battery we need to sustain an electric future.

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